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Lifestyle Guidance

Lifestyle guidance plays an important role in contributing to a favorable pregnancy outcome.

Why is lifestyle guidance necessary during a high-risk pregnancy?

This service offers advice and information that will help you have the safest possible pregnancy.

  • If your pregnancy is high-risk due to obesity, we will guide you on how to keep you and your baby as healthy as possible.
  • We are also experienced working with female athletes. If you love to exercise, we will help guide you and your baby towards having the safest possible pregnancy.

If you or your primary OB/GYN feel that lifestyle factors may lead to pregnancy complications, schedule a Unity Maternal Fetal Medicine consultation. Once you meet with Dr. Stanley-Christian, she will review your health and family history to provide you with the proper guidance on your journey.

If you are interested in lifestyle guidance during your high-risk pregnancy, call (352) 404-5544 or fill out the form below to request your consultation online.