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Thank you and your wonderful staff for making sure I made it into this world healthy and safe! My mom thinks I am absolutely perfect.


Thank you for making our visit with you the best I have ever experienced! Your care and compassion are what “bedside” manner is all about! It’s nice to know health care providers like you exist! Thanks again!


There are no words that can show you my appreciation and sincere gratitude for all you have done for us. As a doctor, I can only imagine the frustration of not being able to make things okay all the time, but honestly, I was sent to you for more than a cure – the cure is in God’s hands – I only wish you could bill insurance companies for the strength and courage you provide me to walk this walk. I found a strength inside me that will only make me a stronger person.


Your ears should constantly be ringing for the many times I think of you. The girls are growing fast! And I love being a mom.


Thank you for helping us make the right choice for the baby. Sometimes I think I made the wrong choice but then I remember all the things you said. It makes me realize the choice we made was the right thing to do for the baby.


I’m so glad you became a doctor and I’m equally glad that God chose you for my doctor. Thanks so much for your caring and gentle touch.


No matter what the outcome has been or may be, you have cleared the path and made our journey less difficult. For this I (we) cannot thank you enough.


Your infectious + warm personality are like a breath of fresh air and rare in the medical field.


I am a perinatologist who has been in practice for more than 30 years. Over the past year, Dr. Stanley-Christian has covered for me for one month at a time. I have been extremely delighted with the care that she gave. Both the staff and the patients say that she went well above the call of duty. She worked very long hours, probably longer than she had anticipated. She adapts very quickly to new situations and new electronic medical records.
She is perhaps the best record keeper of any physician I have ever worked with. When I returned to my practice, she had left extremely good notes, notifying me about patients who might need special attention. Also, my patients very much enjoyed working with her, as did the staff.
I do give her my highest recommendation. By the way, I did try to recruit Dr. Stanley-Christian to replace me as I retire, and that does show the respect I have for her.

Dr. Charles Egley

Thank you! When I found out that I was going to have to have the transfusion procedures done, I was terrified. First, I prayed and God sent the two most talented doctors I know. You and Dr. Lewis. It was, among other things, very draining to me emotionally, but knowing I had you by my side providing the best care around made things a lot easier.


We actually made it to full-term! Lucie is a very happy baby, sleeps all day and night. The “taking-it-easy” certainly didn’t hurt!


Thank you for looking after me so well. Your kindness and compassion helped my partner and me through a very difficult time in our lives. We are both coming to terms with our loss and feeling optimistic about the future.


We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You have been wonderful and very helpful to us. Even though some people may say our story ended in a sorrowful way, we say we had a happy ending. Our baby girl is no longer fighting for her life and can now begin to enjoy her new life in heaven. Knowing that she is in a better place, we can now move on, and she will always be in our hearts. But you have always stuck by our sides and let Madison make the decisions. We are grateful for that! We want you to know you will always be in our hearts!


“Thank you” doesn’t seem like enough to say for all you’ve done for me.


My husband and I would like to thank you [Dr. Stanley-Christian] from the bottom of our hearts for accepting me as your patient. Your bedside manner was so sincere and reassuring. I hope you know how comforting you are for the patient. We were truly blessed to have you.