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Fetal Testing

Fetal testing, or prenatal testing, involves the many tests and procedures that monitor both the mother and her baby’s health.

When is fetal testing done?

Some fetal tests are done several times during your pregnancy at your prenatal care checkups. Other tests are taken at certain times during pregnancy or if you have specific problems that affect you and your baby’s health. Some of the health conditions that these tests check for include:

  • Genetic and chromosomal conditions (i.e., cystic fibrosis, heart defects, and sickle cell disease)
  • Congenital disabilities, which cause problems in overall health, how the body works, or how the body develops

Please note: fetal testing is always optional. We are here to help guide, educate, and support you.

What are screening tests?

Screening tests are a non-invasive way to assess the chance that your baby is more likely to have a health condition than other babies.

There are no risks to you or your baby when you have a screening test.

What are diagnostic tests?

Diagnostic tests can determine whether or not your baby has a health condition. If a screening test shows that your baby is at a high risk of a health condition, a diagnostic test is necessary to confirm the results.

Some diagnostic tests pose risks for your baby, such as miscarriage. This is minimal, with a 1% chance or less.

What specialized tests are done in the first trimester?

There are several tests that you can schedule during the first three months of your pregnancy. These tests include:

What specialized tests are done in the second trimester?

During months 4-6, your provider may offer any one of these prenatal tests:

  • Amniocentesis
  • Ultrasound
  • Maternal blood screening (integrated serum screen; tags onto the first semester)

What can I expect during my consultation?

  • When you schedule a consultation with Dr. Stanley-Christian, she will review your full, detailed medical history.
  • When you come in for testing, your appointment may take around 30 minutes. If the situation is complicated, your appointment may extend a bit longer.
  • Because health history varies, during your initial consult with Dr. Stanley-Christian, we will determine whether any testing is required.

If you are interested in fetal testing, call (352) 404-5544 or fill out the form below to request your consultation online.